Canadian Songwriter’s Social Media Challenge

Travelin’ down that old time gospel music highway…our motto “We’re here to cheer the weary traveller”…anyways decided to take a detour down the backroad called Canadian Songwriter’s Social Media Challenge…week 1 was goal setting…have only perused the book because as soon as I signed up I had basic goals already waiting… learn a new website publishing progam then get the beginnings of a cool looking website up on the web,, join facebook again, set up a blog, various email addresses, etc…well it’s comin’ along pretty well as evidenced by the fact I’m actually blogging and I have a new site, and facebook page…next goals are to expand site and get some links happening…

I feel a little overwhelmed not so much by the challenge but by just living…it doesn’t get easier no matter what they say…as for gratitude well I got to spend half an hour down on King’s Pond which is at the end of my street…hundreds of ducks winter here…the air was chilly but the sun was shining…I sat on a bench not saying or thinking anything for half an hour  and just let myself be surrounded by “duckness” (only on the West Coast you say?)

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